A Rustic, Glamourous Wedding at Pelican Hill – Erica & Teddy

1.22.14 | Wedding Photos

This wedding is from way back in June. How in the world has 6 months gone by so fast? In that amount of time, I have photographed many weddings and posted them here, but have been waiting on this wedding to be featured on the fabulous Style Me Pretty Little Black Book blog before I shared the images myself. I’m happy to say the images finally were published last week so I finally get to post about Erica & Teddy’s beautiful wedding at Pelican Hill Resort in Orange County. You might remember the engagement session I shot of them back in October of 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, which is where they currently live. It was so great to get to see them in California, meet their friends and family, and to document the whole thing. What a gorgeous Summer wedding set in such a glamorous location with touches of rustic elements throughout.

Event Design and Production: Geller Events
Floral Design: The Hidden GardenHair & Makeup: Makeup Therapy
Linens: La Tavola
Gorgeous invites by Lehr & Black!

pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-001pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-002pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-003 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-007

These invites designed and produced by the amazing Lehr & Black were truly so beautiful. I had never seen a wedding invite as luxe.pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-006 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-005 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-004pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-008 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-009

I saw quite a few long veils this year, more than I had seen in almost all of my years of shooting! And I have to say I’m really happy to have seen so many… such a beautiful way to add a little drama to your wedding look. This one looked so stunning on Erica with that lace gown. I could have photographed portraits of her all day.pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-010 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-011 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-012pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-014

Teddy has strong Scottish heritage and showcased that with handkerchiefs and bow ties made from his family tartan.pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-0150648 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-016 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-017 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-018 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-019 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-020 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-022 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-023 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-024 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-025 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-026 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-027pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-029 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-030 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-031 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-032 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-033 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-034 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-035 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-037 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-038 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-039

Probably my favorite bride and groom portrait of the day… and a favorite of all time. It’s a little serious and dramatic, but it’s beautiful and romantic and I love it.pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-040 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-041 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-042pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-044pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-046 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-047 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-048 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-049 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-050 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-051 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-052 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-053 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-0541012 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-055 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-056 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-057 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-058

After the reception, they had an awesome after party. These lights made me happy.pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-059 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-060 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-061 pelican-hill-wedding-rustic-glamour-erica-teddy-062

Congratulations again, Erica & Teddy! xo

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  1. Ericca | 1.22.14

    Oh my gosh, Heather! I am so happy! I also cannot believe how the time has flown by. Thank you so much for this great post and your sweet comments. We could not have chosen a more perfect photographer to capture our perfect day. Thank you for everything!

  2. lm | 2.7.14

    Fairy Tale photos.
    So beautiful!

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