A Carondelet House Wedding Featured in Inside Weddings Magazine! – Hannah & Tom

9.22.14 | Wedding Photos

I wanted to share this entire wedding the day I shot it back in December 2013- it was just so good. The dresses (yes- TWO amazing Monique Lhuillier gowns!), the shoes, the awesome venue, the incredibly unique decor elements, the whole vibe… It was so beautiful and so perfectly represented Hannah and Tom (hello, vintage arcade games!) However, I haven’t been able to share much about the wedding since we confirmed earlier this year that Inside Weddings magazine was going to feature the wedding in its Fall 2014 issue. Finally, that issue is about to hit newsstands and now that I have my hands on my copy I can share the full wedding! The vendors I was able to work with on this wedding were stellar. Mark’s Garden designed the floral elements and Alex of Alex Events, Inc. designed and produced the event. Thank you both so much for helping to create this great wedding! Here is the feature as it is shown in the current Fall 2014 issue of Inside Weddings. lyon-ham-insideweddings And here are all the photos I’ve been waiting too long to share! Let’s start with the gowns, shall we? Yes, two stunning dresses by Monique Lhuillier. Hannah is the Operations Manager for Monique’s West Hollywood location and so she made the most of the connection. :) carondelet-house-winter-wedding-001 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-002 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-003 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-004 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-005 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-006 This bouquet by Mark’s Garden was amazing! I loved the unique texture of the cotton mixed with all the greens!carondelet-house-winter-wedding-007 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-008 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-009 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-010 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-011 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-012 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-013 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-014 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-015 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-016 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-017 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-018 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-019 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-020 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-021 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-022 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-023 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-024 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-025 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-026 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-027 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-028 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-029 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-030 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-031 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-032 Hannah & Tom have quirky, eclectic taste- and it came together so perfectly! Gold skulls, lanterns, gold dinosaurs, tons of candles. It was all so perfect inside the moody, dramatic space of the Carondelet House.carondelet-house-winter-wedding-033 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-034 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-035 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-036 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-037 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-038 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-039 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-040 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-041 A favorite portrait from the whole day. Can never go wrong with twinkle lights!carondelet-house-winter-wedding-042 The ceremony.carondelet-house-winter-wedding-043 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-044 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-045 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-046 The space was done so beautifully. Perfect for their informal reception of appetizers and desserts. They wanted it to feel like an intimate, cool lounge and they totally achieved that feel.carondelet-house-winter-wedding-047 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-048 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-049 Vintage arcade games were brought in to play on the couple’s love for all things gaming.carondelet-house-winter-wedding-050 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-051 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-052 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-053 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-054 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-055 carondelet-house-winter-wedding-056 Hannah & Tom – Your party was one I won’t soon forget! Thank you for having me there to document it all! XO

A Los Angeles Engagement Session – Samantha & Chris

8.27.14 | Engagement Photos

Though Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with millions of people living here and even more who come and go, it can really seem like such a small town sometimes. Samantha was referred to me by a past client, so we knew we had that in common. But throughout our engagement session, we realized she, Chris, and I have even more people in common- such random connections that include them going to college with two people from my high school. I love learning about how many ways people can be connected in seemingly random ways… After our session, I felt as though I knew it was meant to be that I met Sam and Chris- I seriously felt like I could be best friends with them. Guys, I’m awaiting my invite to your next rager. ;-)

After going back and forth on a few ideas, we ultimately decided on doing their session in and around their new home. And that was the best decision ever. Sam is an interior designer, so I knew her home would be beautiful and I knew it would be a great backdrop for their session.

los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-001 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-002 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-003 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-004 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-005 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-006 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-007 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-008 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-009 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-010 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-011

Then a quick change into a fancier look…los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-012 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-013 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-014 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-015 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-016 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-017 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-018 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-019 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-020 los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-021

My favorite (which you may have already seen if you follow my photography Instagram @heatherkincaidphoto. :)los-angeles-engagment-session-at-home-022

Sam and Chris- Thanks for making this session so fun! SO looking forward to your awesome wedding in May! xo