A Paramour Mansion Wedding & A Dress by The Row – Molly & Asher

7.18.14 | Wedding Photos

Yesterday, I had the honor of having my work featured on Vogue.com. It was so exciting getting the email that the post went live- and even more exciting to get all the wonderful feedback from friends, family and people who saw the post! Today, I’m sharing many more images from that gorgeous wedding.

Of course I’m starting with the stunning dress that created all the buzz- the one-of-a-kind couture lace creation by The Row. The designers of The Row, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, are close personal friends of the bride Molly, so the three of them collaborated on the design of the dress (their first wedding dress creation!) to create something truly unique and so stunningly gorgeous. Those sleeves!

paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-001 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-002

It was a unique experience to see and photograph the designers themselves dress the bride on her wedding day. What a special moment for all of them!paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-003 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-004 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-005 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-006paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-007 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-008 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-009

Stevie Nicks is Molly’s god-mother and someone who is so special to Molly. Stevie arrived just after Molly was dressed and ready to give her a letter and place a special blue ring on her finger that Molly wore as her “something borrowed” and “something blue.” This moment was so emotional for everyone in the room and I know it’s a moment Molly will never forget.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-010 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-011 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-012

Portraits of the bride in her stunning dress. It was obvious that she felt so special wearing it!paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-013 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-014 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-015

The First Look.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-016paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-017 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-018paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-019 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-020

The flowers were designed by Richard Long.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-021 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-022 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-023 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-024 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-025 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-026 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-027 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-028 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-029 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-030 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-031 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-032 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-033

Molly and Asher chose not to have a formal wedding party, but they did have their closest friends join us for photos.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-037 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-038 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-039 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-040paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-041 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-042 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-043paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-046

The Paramour Mansion is an incredible venue for a wedding. So unique and visually rich that it barely needs additional decor.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-071 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-045 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-047 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-048 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-049

Time for the veil.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-050 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-051

The ceremony took place in this gorgeous, dramatic room of the house,paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-052 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-054 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-055 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-056paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-057 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-058 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-059 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-060 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-061 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-062 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-063 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-064

A few more portraits of the newlyweds.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-034 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-035 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-036paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-089 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-065

I loved that they chose to have their guests dine on a family-style dinner on three extra long tables. The food was prepared by the amazing chefs of Whoa Nelly Catering. They are my favorite!paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-066

Gorgeous vintage plates, flatware and stemware was provided by the private collection of the Paramour Mansion. They all looked incredible on the plain wood tables rented from Town & Country.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-067 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-068 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-069 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-070paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-044paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-077 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-072 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-073 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-076

Stevie Nicks gave a beautiful speech and then surprised everyone with an a cappella performance of Fleetwood Mac’s hit “Landslide”… It was an incredible experience.paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-078 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-079 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-080 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-081 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-082 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-083 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-084 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-085paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-074

And then it was time to party…paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-086 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-087 paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-088paramour-mansion-the-row-wedding-dress-075

Congratulations to Molly & Asher! I was honored to be there to document your beautiful wedding and wish you many, many years of happiness!



Vendor List

Photographer: Heather Kincaid
Venue: Paramour Mansion
Dress: The Row
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Coordinator: Sharlene Griffith
Flowers: Richard Long
Hair: Jorge Serrano
Makeup: Molly Stern
Rentals: Town & Country


Featured on Vogue.com!

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As predominantly a wedding photographer, I love getting featured in wedding magazines and blogs, but features in other types of publications are very rare. Today, I’m so excited to share that Vogue.com has featured a selection of my images from a very beautiful recent wedding! It’s an incredible honor to have work featured by such a well-known and iconic fashion magazine and I’m so thankful to my clients for helping to make that feature happen.

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